Racing Dossier Flat Class Specialist Strategy

To start using this system, you will need to download and import the race card that has been pre-made for it. The ratings that we are using include...

  • Number of Runners
  • SHorPro
  • PFPU95
  • PFPL95

By combining the correct data from all of these figures, we’ll be able to find profitable selection in flat races by looking for the classiest horse in the race.

First and foremost for this guide to be successful, you’re going to want to bet on handicap races, but only on the flat. If you bet on non-handicap races, or on any
races not on the flat, this system will not work.

Secondly, we want to look at how many runners are going to be in a given race.

If are more than twelve runners in a race, we’re not going to bet on it. So set the number of runners to twelve or less.

Next, we’ll look at what we think will be the speed of the horse in the next race.

We know that the fastest horse is the one that’s likely going to win and so we need to consider speed as a factor. The SHorPro is the factor we are going to use to give us this data. This rating looks at countless races, to predict how fast each horse is going to run. For SHorPro we’re going to want to look for runners with 99 or HIGHER. This will help ensure we’re picking the fastest horse for each race.

The next thing we want to look at is the rating known as the “PFPCLGR” inside of Racing Dossier. This rating describes the form based race class level of a horse’s last good race. We use this to look at the last good race for each horse to help us determine if we have a winner. The PFPCLGR should be 1505 or greater.

After that, we’re going to look at the “PFPU95”. This rating, deals with the 95% Upper confidence level of a horses’ “PFP” rating. You’ll want this rating at 1550 or LESS.

Along with the PFPU95 rating, we also want to set up the PFPL95 rating, and that one should be set at 1505 or GREATER. And, just like you might think, this is the 95% lower confidence level of the horses’ PFP ratings.

Last but certainly not least; it has to be the first four in the betting just before the off. Once you have this last and final rule in place, you’ll be good to go.


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